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Over the years there have been a lot of books written about the great game of football. Books about the history of the game, about individual football clubs, great footballers, international teams, specific tournaments, referees and a whole host of other soccer topics. Books and other publications have added greatly to the general body of information about Irish football and soccer in general

I review football books that I have read myself and I also publish well-written reviews by other contributors. If you would like to submit a review of a football book for publication please email me at the following: Soccer Book Review Submission. Please note that I only publish original reviews that have not been published online previously.

Other Books Reviewed on Soccer-Ireland

Irish Football Books
The Irish Soccer Split
Keane : The Autobiography
Off Centre Circle
The Team That Jack Built
Who Stole Our Game
1,000 Celtic Quotes, Notes and Anecdotes
Gaffers: 50 Years of Irish Football Managers
Triggs: : The Autobiography of Roy Keane's Dog
Irish Devils: The Official Story of Manchester United and the Irish
Dave Langan: Running Through Walls
The Rocky Road
Blood, Sweat and McAteer
Kicking Through The Troubles

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