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Irish Football > Republic of Ireland Qualifying Campaigns > 2006 World Cup

Irish 2006 World Cup Qualifying Campaign

Ireland makes a Promising Start to Qualifying Group 4

The Republic of Ireland soccer team was drawn in World Cup Group 4 that also included France, Switzerland, Israel, Cyprus and the Faroe Islands. Following the resignation of Mick McCarthy, Brian Kerr was the Irish soccer manager for this qualifying campaign and Ireland got off to a very positive start.

After a 3-0 home win over Cyprus in Dublin the Republic took points from our three main rivals in the next three fixtures which were all away from home.

In amongst those three away draws there was a less than convincing 2-0 home win over the Faroe Islands (of whom Brian Kerr would later go on to be national team manager). This was to something of a harbinger of things to come in future home matches at Lansdowne Road (now renamed the Aviva Stadium).

World Cup Qualification Disappointment

Unfortunately for Kerr and the Irish soccer fans Ireland could not build upon the promising start as the team's home form fell short of expectations and hopes. In June 2005 Ireland surrendered a 2-0 lead at Lansdowne Road to let Israel leave Dublin with a draw. Ian Harte and Robbie Keane had scored within the first eleven minutes but an Israeli goal late in the first half was added to just after the break to deny the Republic the win.

In the next home match Thierry Henry's wonder strike was enough to give the French all three points. Despite a 1-0 win away to Cyprus in Lefkosia the 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign came to a tame conclusion with scoreless draw at home to the Swiss. Ireland finished a hugely disappointing fourth in the group which was to have negative implications for future group seedings.

Following this World Cup campaign the FAI declined to renew Brian Kerr's contract as Republic of Ireland team manager and he was replaced by Stephen Staunton.

Irish World Cup 2006 Qualifying Campaign - Group Table

World Cup 2006 - Qualifying Group 4

Goals F
Goals A
Faroe Islands

Republic of Ireland World Cup 2006 Qualifying Campaign - Match Results

04/09/04: Saint-Denis: France 0-0 Israel
04/09/04: Dublin: Ireland: 3-0 Cyprus
Clinton Morrison 33, Andy Reid 38, Robbie Keane 55 Pen

04/09/04: Basel: Switzerland: 6-0 Faroe Islands

08/09/04: Tórshavn: Faroe Islands 0-2 France
08/09/04: Ramat Gan: Israel 2-1 Cyprus
08/09/04: Basel: Switzerland 1-1 Ireland
Hakan Yakin 17; Clinton Morrison 9

09/10/04: Lefkosia: Cyprus 2-2 Faroe Islands
09/10/04: Saint-Denis: France 0-0 Ireland
09/10/04: Ramat Gan: Israel 2-2 Switzerland

13/10/04: Lefkosia: Cyprus 0-2 Franc
13/10/04: Dublin: Ireland 2-0 Faroe Islands
Robbie Keane 14 Pen, 32

17/11/04: Lefkosia: Cyprus 1-2 Israel

26/03/05: Ramat Gan: Israel 1-1 Ireland

Abbas Suan 90+1; Clinton Morrison 4
26/03/05: Saint-Denis: France 0-0 Switzerland

30/03/05 Ramat Gan Israel 1-1 France
30/03/05 Zürich Switzerland 1-0 Cyprus

04/06/05: Toftir Faroe Islands. 1-3 Switzerland
04/06/05: Dublin: Ireland 2-2 Israel
Ian Harte 5, Robbie Keane 11; Avi Yemiel 39, Avi Nimni 46

08/06/05: Tórshavn: Faroe Islands 0-2 Ireland
Ian Harte 51, Kevin Kilbane 59

17/08/05: Toftir: Faroe Islands 0-3 Cyprus

03/09/05: Lens: France 3-0 Faroe Islands
03/09/05: Basel: Switzerland 1-1 Israel

07/09/05: Lefkosia: Cyprus 1-3 Switzerland
07/09/05: Tórshavn: Faroe Islands 0-2 Israel
07/09/05: Dublin: Ireland 0-1 France
Thierry Henry 68

08/10/05: Lefkosia: Cyprus 0-1 Ireland
Stephen Elliott 6

08/10/05: Bern Switzerland 1-1 France
08/10/05: Ramat Gan Israel 2-1 Faroe Islands

12/10/05: Saint-Denis: France 4-0 Cyprus
12/10/05: Dublin: Ireland 0-0 Switzerland

Irish World Cup Qualifying Group Results

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