June 20, 2024

“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I’m very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

Bill Shankly – Legendary Liverpool FC Manager

Football Quotes

Football is very rich with some wonderful and memorable quotes. With wall-to-wall media coverage and microphones picking up every utterance made by some players and managers there is no shortage of football quotes. We have chosen a just a Irish topics from which to choose some relevant football quotes.

FAI Quotes

The Football Association of Ireland has a enjoyed a chequered life since it was formed in 1922 following the split in Irish football. Heavily involved in strange goings-on, controversies and cock-ups the FAI has generated myriad quotations from every corner of the Irish football community. Here is a selection of choice FAI quotes by officials and by third parties.

Saipan Football Quotes

It is unlikely that any single Irish issue has spawned as many memorable football quotes as the Saipan Incident.

When Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy squared up to each other in the Far East in 2002 nobody could have foreseen the fallout that would ensue. The problem was what to leave out but here is a selection of memorable choice Saipan Incident quotes.

Eamon Dunphy Football Quotes

Eamon Dunphy was a player, football coach, and is a sports writer, radio presenter, and TV football pundit. He has been involved with Irish football for decades and because of his longevity and his controversial nature he has spawned a myriad of quotes about football and beyond. Here is our selection of Eamon Dunphy quotes.

Quotes About Paul McGrath

Paul McGrath was one of the greatest footballers to ever play for the Republic of Ireland. An imperious centre-half he also played in midfield for clubs and country. Although he was bedevilled by injuries to his knees he made many, many man-of-the-match performances throughout his career. McGrath’s performances on the pitch spawned a huge variety of glowing comments about his playing ability which can be viewed here. Paul McGrath quotes.

Miscellaneous Irish Football Quotes

Journalist: Jack, the Irish people will probably canonise you after what you’ve achieved in the World Cup in Italy.
Jack Charlton: Canonise me? You couldn’t do that to me I’m a Protestant.

Mick McCarthy: Anyone that uses the word ‘quintessentially’ in a half-time talk is talking crap.

David O’Leary: Achilles tendon injuries are the worst you can possibly have – they are a pain in the butt.

Ray Treacy (Shamrock Rovers Manager): I like my defenders to be big, mean and ugly. Two out of three ain’t bad. Are you mean as well. To defender Peter Eccles.

George Best: I sent my son to the Bobby Charlton School of Excellence and he came back bald!

Jason McAteer: (on Roy Keane’s autobiography): I’d rather buy a Bob the Builder CD than a copy of his book.

Celtic Fan: (on Tony Cascarino): The biggest waste of money since Madonna’s father bought her a pair of pyjamas.

John Giles (on Paolo Di Canio): He’s a legend in his own head

Shay Brennan: How’s the mouth?
Bill Foulkes (with four stitches in his mouth): She’s at home with the kids.

Jimmy Magee: [Liam] Brady’s been playing inside Platini’s shorts all night.

Gordon Lee: What business has anyone got naming him Eamon O’ Keefe if he isn’t Irish?
Billy Bingham: Probably the same business they have naming you Lee when you’re not Chinese.

Eamon Dunphy: We wouldn’t have published it [the Sven Goren Eriksson / Ulrika Johsson story] here.
Roy Greenslade: You would if Mick McCarthy had been having and affair with Andrea Corr.
Eamon Dunphy: That would be regarded as a bloody miracle. Have you seen Mick McCarthy?

Eamon Dunphy : Ray Treacy got 56 caps for Ireland – thirty of them were for singing.

Martin O’Neill : You know what I like about you Gary? Very little!

Liam Brady : He hasn’t made any saves that you wouldn’t have expected him not to make.

George Hamilton : The Baggio brothers, of course, are not related.

George Best: If you want my secret of my success with women, then don’t smoke, don’t drink, and don’t be too particular.

Eamonn Scott in the Evening Herald Striker on former Chelsea and Scotland player Charlie Cooke: It was once said that when Cooke ‘threw a dummy’ half the spectators had to pay back into the ground.

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