June 20, 2024

Testimonials & Comments about Soccer Ireland : Saipan Incident : Pitch Check

Soccer-Ireland.com Testimonials

The following is a selection of unsolicited comments from a wide range of people involved in the Irish soccer, and wider sports, community.

Comments about the Saipan Incident Thesis



What a terrific body of work, and a great idea … Well done and best of luck.”

Paul Kimmage (award winning sports journalist)


“Hi John…read what you sent – good luck with it. Thanks.


Lee Carsley (Republic of Ireland International)

“I felt moved to write to you and congratulate you on the superb and – most importantly – thorough account of the Saipan Incident on your website … It really is sensational … Superb stuff”

Miguel Delaney (Sports Journalist)

“… read your Saipan article – excellent.”

Gerry Lynch (Palmerstown Rangers)

“By the way I am really enjoying your Saipan feature. As Gary Breen is my nephew I have a little more interest in it than most. Keep up the good work”

Eamon Breen (President Riverstown FC)

“”…We don’t normally allow links on here but on this occasion I will as it is a great body of work and very informative.””

Hams (Administrator on Footballforum.co.uk)

“I have put a link on our news page to your article. Its good reading”

Vincent (Swords Celtic FC)


“You are a fine writer and the Saipan project is by far the best piece of soccer writing I have read in the past year…. your site…is very impressive by the way.”

Ger McCarthy (Author and Secretary West Cork Schoolboys League)

“Good stuff! I’ll add a link from my site the next time I do an update. All the best”

Eugene McLaughlin (www.awaythelads.com)

Some Comments from WWW.YBIG.IE Discussion Forum on Saipan Incident Piece

Bob Hoskins: “Fair play to John Hogan..you’ll need a good evening or two to read through this”

Freewheeler: “Jaysus………….what a thesis!”

McGoldrick: “Thats some body of work. Could take a while but will give it a go.
Also from that site, I never would have thought it was Spain we have played the most overall and competitively. Nice website”

deise316 : “Read through it last night. Think it is fair and balanced, difficult to disagree with the conclusions he reached after all that research. Fair play to the man for effort.”

Donal Cullen: “Holy man what a great piece of work. Well done that man!”

packiesglove: “great read this”

Comments about the Pitch Check Service

“As this is my last time doing this, may I take the opportunity to thank everyone involved with the various codes. In particular I would like to express appreciation to Soccer Ireland who provide such a great service to the Dublin sports community.”

Sean Hynes (formerly of Dublin City Council on his retirement)

“That’s fantastic, will link it to our site!”

Firhouse Carmel FC

“Thanks for that. It’s a great help.”

Nigel Fitzpatrick (Secretary – St Joseph’s Boys)

“Well done … I used it today to check on several grounds …Wishing you every success.”

Noel Kennelly (Honorary Secretary – Amateur Football League)

“Many thanks for providing the pitch check.”

Tommy (Dublin District Schoolboys League)

“It’s great to see that you are providing this very important service for clubs, particularly now that RTE have had to enforce “cutbacks” on Aertel !! I will also direct all of our team managers to your site to check this information, and hopefully they will take the time to peruse the rest of the site, which is excellent.”

Kevin Higgins (Secretary Dunboyne AFC)

“I think this is a great idea and I would be obliged if you could include our pitch Rosary Park …”

Robbie Delaney (Harold’s Cross Boys FC)

“To find out which pitches are playable on any given weekend visit Soccer-Ireland.com, where they have just launched a new pitch check. It is available from 2:00pm each Friday, subject … All information excellently laid out and is available at https://www.soccer-ireland.com/football-grounds/pitch-check.htm.”

John Mooney – Evening Herald

General Comments about Soccer-Ireland.com

“I would like to compliment you on your website it is a great resource for clubs and parents trying to find information on other clubs.”

Phillip Henry (Honorary Secretary Carriglea FC)

“Thank you for your efficient work. I am forwarding this e-mail within the club so we can link to your site.”

Michael O’Sullivan (Rangers AFC)

“Your site is a very good idea – congratulations.”

Catherine Coffey (Secretary – Tyrrelstown FC)

“That is excellent, fair play to you … Excellent site, very thorough and informative … thanks very much.”

Dermot Nealon (Chairman Broadford Rovers)

“That’s very well done, fair play to you.”

Stephen Daly (Secretary Sporting Metro FC)

“I must commend you on the site”

Michael Crowley (Schoolboys Football Association of Ireland & Innishvilla AFC)

“A useful tool for anyone travelling outside Cork in any National Cup or indeed to outside clubs travelling here for games”

John Linehan (Irish Society of Soccer Referee Branch)

“Thank you for setting up our site so quickly it looks really well … it’s a very impressive website and a fine idea.”

Barry Gould (Tramore Athletic FC)

“CENTRAL STATION – that’s the target of John Hogan, the owner and manager of soccer-ireland.com. He’s delighted with it’s progress. “It’s the largest and fastest growing Irish growing Irish soccer directory,” explains John. “It’s my ultimate aim to list every club in Ireland, or as many as possible on the site. It’s a centre point for club information – contact details, pitch directions, maps, club colours, match-day weather forecasts, etc.” It was launched this year. Also on the site are all the results of the Irish Senior team, plus sections on the great Irish players and the Irish managers from Mick Meagan to Trap.”

Niall Scully – Evening Herald

I think the site is excellent….

Gerry O’Meara

Soccer-Ireland.com is Ireland’s largest and fastest growing directory of Irish football clubs. The directory is a central repository for club information such as contact details, club colours, pitch directions and maps, weather check facilities etc. The website is aimed at players, club officials, referees, parents and supporters at schoolboy and junior soccer levels.

John McHale

Now you know I have asked you for your help as regards games being on during bad weather periods, well there is one man who has helped tremendously in this area. His name is John Hogan and his website is soccer-ireland.com. On the site there is a weekly pitch check update and it is very helpful indeed. He is updating the website however and I ask you to help him out …

Dermot Clarke – Evening Herald

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