June 20, 2024

Liam Brady – Irish Football Great

liam-bradyLiam Brady Shooting for Goal

Liam Brady – Introduction

Liam Brady is a true Irish soccer great. It is a major regret for many Republic of Ireland fans that this wonderful soccer talent was never displayed in a major international championship finals. Injury, bad luck and his inability to adapt fully to the Jack Charlton football philosophy all conspired to prevent him from appearing in the finals of either the Euro Championship or World Cup. Undoubtedly Liam Brady was the most Irish talented footballer of his generation and he went on to play for top soccer clubs in England and Italy.

Liam Brady – the Early Years

Brady was born, and raised in the 1960’s, in Dublin. As a schoolboy he played for the northside Dublin football club St Kevin’s Boys and very quickly came to the attention of the Irish based scouts for English top flight clubs.