July 12, 2024

Saipan Incident – Table of Contents

“What a terrific body of work”
Paul Kimmage – Award Winning Sports Journalist

“I felt moved to write to you and congratulate you on the superb and – most importantly – thorough account of the Saipan Incident on your website … It really is sensational … Superb stuff”
Miguel Delaney – Sports Journalist

The Saipan incident, involving Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy in May 2002, during the Republic of Ireland 2002 World Cup Finals preparations, cleaved the Irish people like no other sporting issue had ever done before. The following is a detailed analysis of the main characters and significant events that were central to the Saipan affair.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Saipan Incident and about the author
2. Methodology : The methodology used to compile The Saipan Incident
3. Saipan Backdrop : The football season leading up to the 2002 World Cup as experienced by Roy Keane
4. Saipan – Roy Keane’s Issues : The issues in Saipan that Keane cited
5. Roy Keane & Mick McCarthy Relationship : History of the Irish manager & Irish captain together
6. Countdown to Meltdown in Saipan : The events that led to the Saipan Incident
7. Roy Keane Version of the Saipan Incident
8. Mick McCarthy Version of Saipan Incident 1 / Mick McCarthy Saipan 2
9. Niall Quinn Version of Saipan Incident
10. Jason McAteer Saipan Diary
11. Matt Holland Saipan Column
12. Saipan Tirade by Roy Keane : Analysis of Keane’s outburst directed at Mick McCarthy
13. Tom Humphries Interview 1 – Tom Humphries Interview 2 – Tom Humphries Interview 3
14. Paul Kimmage Interview 1 – Paul Kimmage Interview 2 – Paul Kimmage Interview 3
15. Irish Players Reaction : How the Irish players reacted to the Saipan Incident
16. FAI Involvement in the Saipan Affair : The role played by the FAI during the Saipan affair
17. Roy Keane
17.a Roy Keane Autobiography : Brief analysis of Keane’s autobiography
17.b Roy Keane – The Soccer Player : Comments on Keane the footballer
17.c Cork and Roy Keane : To understand Roy Keane it is necessary to have an appreciation of his relationship with Cork and his family in Cork
17.d Away from Home : Roy Keane’s deep discomfort with being away from home
17.e Roy Keane Family Man : Keane’s keen sense of family
17.f Roy Keane – Republic of Ireland & FAI : Keane’s relationship with the Irish soccer set up
17.g Roy Keane & Jack Charlton : Keane’s relationship with Mick McCarthy’s predecessor
17.h Roy Keane – Zenith Data Systems Cup : Roy Keane spurns call up to Irish squad
17.i Roy Keane – Republic of Ireland Captain : Keane’s role as Irish soccer captain
17.j Bad Boy Roy 1 : Bad Boy Roy 2 : Bad Boy Roy 3 : Keane’s career low points
17.k Roy Keane & ‘Faking Injury’ : Keane’s reaction to being accused of faking injury
17.l Roy Keane’s Integrity : An assessment of Keane’s integrity and character
17.m Alf-Inge Haaland Incidents : Review of the two infamous incidents involving the Norwegian
17.n Alan Shearer Red Card : Roy Keane’s red card received in September 2001
17.o Gareth Southgate Red Card : Roy Keane’s first red card received in April 1995
17.p Cruciate Ligament Injury : Keane’s view of his own and Paul Gascoigne’s cruciate injury
17.q Roy Keane & Charitable Work : Some of Keane’s charitable works discussed
17.r Roy Keane & Contradictions / Autobiography Contradictions
17.s Relationship with Alex Ferguson I : Roy Keane’s relationship with the Manchester United manager
17.t Relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson 2 : Relationship breakdown between Keane & Ferguson
17.u Roy Keane – The Walker : Keane’s propensity to walk when conditions don’t suit him
17.v Flawed Character / Real Character : Two sides of the Roy Keane coin
17.w Roy Keane and Sandwiches : Most people think of ‘prawn sandwiches’ … but there was another sandwich rant that involved Roy Keane … this time it was cheese.
17.x Triggs : Roy Keane’s dog, Triggs, gained her own level of notoriety due to the Saipan affair.
17.y Roy Keane : View of Saipan Seven Years On: Roy Keane talks to Paul Rowan of the Sunday Times and softens his views on Mick McCarthy but turns his guns on FAI CEO John Delaney
18 Tommie Gorman Interview 1 – Tommie Gorman Interview 2 – Tommie Gorman Interview 3
19 Iran Match : The match and circumstances behind the alleged ‘faking injury’ accusation
20 Boston 1992 Row : The row referred to by Roy Keane during his tirade in Saipan
21 Niall Quinn Testimonial : The issues surrounding Roy Keane’s no-show for the Quinn testimonial
22 ‘Crap Player – Crap Manager’ : Brief analysis of Mick McCarthy’s playing and managerial career
23 Eamon Dunphy & Roy Keane : Eamon Dunphy’s influence in the Saipan Incident
24 Roy Keane Playing Record
25 Roy Keane International Record
26 Roy Keane & Mick McCarthy Record : Republic of Ireland record during McCarthy’s reign as manager
27 Roy Keane Football Manager : Keane’s record as Sunderland manager & Dwight Yorke: Born to Score
28 Colin Healy : The forgotten man of Saipan
29 Saipan – The Pacific Island : Brief background information on the island of Saipan
30 I Keano : The Musical comedy show
31 Football Quotes : Quotations about the Saipan Incident
32 Saipan Conclusions
33 Saipan – Ten Years Later – Keane’s take on Saipan and the FAI in May 2012
34 Saipan Bibliography – Reference and resource materials used to research and compose this analysis