May 25, 2024

Football Association of Ireland – FAI

FAI Introduction

The Football Association of Ireland – or FAI – was founded in September 1921 as the governing body of Association Football or soccer in the Republic of Ireland. Nearly 200,000 people play soccer for Irish football clubs and schools throughout the country. A further large number of people are involved as coaches, officials and volunteers.

The function of the FAI is to promote, encourage and develop all of these activities. The Association is very involved in the training and education of players, coaches and officials and the FAI attempts to improve soccer facilities and other services for the benefit of all those involved in soccer in Ireland.

The FAI has primary responsibility for all regulatory aspects of the game of soccer in the Irish republic. The activities of the FAI include:

Promotion of soccer at all age levels and with people of all backgrounds and abilities. The aim is to make soccer as accessible as possible to the highest number of people possible.
irish-flag-bullet To regulate soccer both on and off the football pitch under the auspices of the Laws of the Game and the Rule of the Football Association of Ireland
irish-flag-bullet Sanction all competitive football matches staged in the Republic of Ireland either directly or through affiliated soccer leagues and football organisations
irish-flag-bullet To oversee appropriate application of the Association’s disciplinary code and system including the administration of refereeing within soccer in Ireland.
irish-flag-bullet To organise a wide range of national soccer competitions in addition to Republic of Ireland International matches at all levels, including friendly football matches

The FAI is affiliated to is affiliated to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA, and the Union of European Football Association, or UEFA. Along with a number of regional and provincial leagues and organisations the FAI organises all domestic Irish soccer competitions from the Eircom League and the FAI Cup to the FAI Schools’ 6-a-side football competition.

FAI Contact Details

Football Association of Ireland
National Sports Campus
Dublin 15Tel: +353 1 8999 500
Fax: +353 1 8999 501Limited Liability Company No.: 17081

FAI Affiliate Organisations

The following Irish soccer bodies are affiliated to the Football Association of Ireland.

  • Connacht Football Association
  • Leinster Football Association
  • Munster Football Association
  • Ulster Football Association
  • Junior Council
  • Schoolboys Football Association of Ireland
  • Football Association of Ireland Schools
  • Women’s Football Association of Ireland
  • Irish Soccer Referees Society
  • Irish Universities Football Union
  • Colleges Football Association of Ireland
  • Defence Forces

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