June 20, 2024

Football Discussion Forums


Football discussion forums are a great way to express and share your views an anything to do with soccer. There are a number of quality football forums that are open to the online soccer community and are profiled below.

All of the best soccer discussion forums have detailed but easy-to-follow rules and protocols that must be observed. Rules governing abuse of other members, use of bad language or swear words, any form of discrimination, quality of posts, and non-spamming are usually par for the course.

When joining a football forum it is advisable to take a few minutes to read through the rules and to spend some time

reading existing threads and posts before beginning to take an active part in the forum. This will help to a avoid inadvertently falling foul of the forum rules. In most cases transgressors will receive a warning but persistent breaking of the rules will result in being banned from the forum.

Recommended Irish Soccer Discussion Forum

YouBoysInGreen.ie football forum is a very busy and well run forum. The site is a fans site for Irish soccer fans all over the world.

Recommended International Football Discussion Forum

Forum.Football.co.uk is a global football forum for fans from anywhere in the world who follow the beautiful game and join in with our discussions and friendly banter with other like minded football fans.

Other Soccer Discussion Forums

Foot.ie – Talk Balls – is another very busy Irish soccer forum. The owners or administrators have a slightly quirky approach but run a good quality forum.

Our Wee Country is a protected forum dedicated to Northern Irish soccer

Boards.ie have a very active soccer forum however members must have accumulated a minimum of 50 posts on other forums on Boards.ie and must have been member for more than one month before they can post.

Red Cafe – A soccer forum dedicated to all things related to Manchester United. With so many United supporters in Ireland this will have some attraction to some Irish fans.

Xtratime – The aim of the Xtratime Community is to enable and promote positive communication between different people from around the world sharing the same interests and passions in soccer.

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