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Football Quotes – Eamon Dunphy

RTE football pundit Eamon Dunphy has been talking and writing about football (and many other topics) for decades going right back to his footballing days. Over those years he has uttered many memorable words. An intelligent and articulate commentator he is on occasions prone to engaging his mouth before his brain. This makes him all the more watchable, readable and listenable – he’s simply box office. Here is a selection of some of more memorable Eamon Dunphy’s football quotes, and quotes by others about Dunphy.

Football Quotations by Eamon Dunphy

“Imagine what Ireland might have done if led and inspired by a man of vision and courage. This is not very hard to do: Remember Giants Stadium, when with the spur of an early goal, the players overcame miserable tactics to humble Italy? Gifted with one of the most formidable squads in Europe Charlton squandered it all. In football terms Charlton has failed and should resign.” Dunphy scenting blood in the water near the end of the Jack Charlton era as Republic of Ireland manager. After almost ten years of unprecedented success with the Irish football team that included qualification for three major championships.

“Look at this, you’d be taken off in the Phoenix Park for this. There, get that, one for the seagulls. Even you could play better than that Bill. Look, he tried to commit suicide. I’m thinking of making a comeback” Speaking about Germany’s Carnsten Jancker during the 2002 World Cup Finals.

“The image of the professional footballer as a glamorous showbusiness type, surrounded by pretty girls and flash cars, is firmly implanted in most people’s minds. I know him more accurately as the deeply insecure family man or the tearful failed apprentice.” In his first book, the outstanding Only a Game published in 1976.

“Michel Platini has no bottle. He is not a great player ” About the great French star during the 1984 European championships

“The Great War? It was good war, not a great war” The inimitable Gary Cooke of Apres Match fame parodying the inimitable Eamon Dunphy

“The first two-syllable word I ever learned growing up was discretion.” Dunphy on a his childhood

“This guy is an idiot!” About Sven Goren Eriksson

“Irish football story goes back seventy years and it’s a thread that incompetence and stupid administration has robbed Irish football. There is a poverty of aspiration and poverty of expectation. I want a bleeding revolution” Dunphy on the FAI

“Keep them coming. We’ll need them for the libel case.” On his radio show during the 2002 World Cup Finals appealing for more messages from listeners.

“I have discovered the hard way that for a vocal majority the World Cup is not about sport after all.” Comment made during the 2002 World Cup

“A flowerpot.” Dunphy’s description of former Irish international Ray Treacy during the 1984 European Championship

“If ever a player was out of his class that night it was me” On his international debut against Spain in 1966

“I don’t like amateurs. They get up my nose. I know football as my living, a hard life, my wife and child’s livelihood. Football is a joy to them, plus a tenner in the boot as a bonus. And you can be the local hero in Hitchin or Wycombe. It’s nice. No pressure. You have got your job and your family; so you can ponce around every Saturday, do a little bit, and you are a star. Amateurs’ lives are a bit luxurious.” Dunphy in his book Only a Game

“Eamon was reading those strange books. He seemed to get into some very intellectual books.” Joe Kinnear – international room mate.

“A failed Third Division footballer” Letter to the Sunday Tribune

“I’ll have you know that I am not a failed Third Division footballer. I am a failed Second Division footballer.” Eamon Dunphy’s response

“I know you. You are a trouble maker … I’m bigger than you.” Jack Charlton to Dunphy at his first press conference as Irish Manager.

“My refusal to answer questions from Dunphy was the biggest mistake I ever made. I made Eamon very, very famous.” Jack Charlton about Dunphy and his first press conference as Irish Manager.

“Dunphy eventually will have his day because things will go wrong for us at some stage. But I’ll fight that as long as I can.” Charlton again.

“I’m not a thick ignorant Andy Capp Geordie, I won’t answer to that. I do a professional job … I was asked to a job for the Irish and I did it the way I felt needed to be done.” Charlton’s response

“Football’s answer to Andy Capp” Dunphy on Charlton

“Call me a traitor, but I can’t cheer for Ireland now ” In the wake of the Saipan affair

“Eamon Dunphy is a nobody with one virtue, honesty and realism” And an inability to count obviously. Eamon Dunphy on … Eamon Dunphy.

“We started out in international football fifty years ago. But I would say that without a doubt we have not made the slightest progress in that time, on or off the field.” Former Finn Harps manager at the FAI’s 50th anniversary celebrations

“Dunphy’s criticism wasn’t constructive. It was destructive. He got the knife into Eoin. That was the downfall of Eoin Hand.” Former international Terry Conroy on Dunphy’s part in the departure of Eoin Hand from his position as Irish manager

“I have created a monster. The Mary Shelley of Irish journalism, that’s me” Sunday Tribune Sports Editor Seamus Martin who, in 1980 to 1982, cultivated Dunphy’s natural inclination to court controversy

“No football team will win this tournament. This tournament will be won by the faceless empires of corporate greed. The Jules Rimet trophy has been hijacked by the world of big business b*****ds, sold to the TV networks of Satan. There will be a final on July 12th. It will have no soul. It will be between Nike and Snickers.” Gary Cooke imitating Dunphy during the 2002 World Cup

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