July 12, 2024

Irish Soccer Statistics and Facts

Irish soccer is full of weird and wonderful statistics and information. At Soccer-Ireland.com we have conducted some research into the highly interesting world of football in Ireland and unearthed some real gems.

For instance did you know that a former Irish international soccer player has a scoring ratio of 86.66% goals per match played – even Robbie Keane doesn’t come close to that.

Another little known fact is that the first match played by a senior international football team to represent the twenty-six counties was in an international competition known as the Olympics! Even though it wasn’t until the Euro 88 qualifiers that Ireland reached a major international finals Ireland’s very first competitive match was at the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris.

We also include facts, statistics and information about all aspects of Irish international soccer and the Republic of Ireland football team down through the decades. Facts such as:

Who holds the record for Republic of Ireland goals scored in consecutive matches ?
Who scored a hat-trick on his Republic of Ireland debut ?
When did the Republic of Ireland last field an all Irish-born soccer team ?
What are the longest winning / losing / drawing sequences for Ireland ?
Who scored the fastest Republic of Ireland hat-trick ?
Who are the Irish players that scored on the most home grounds ?
Who has scored direct from a corner kick for the Republic of Ireland?
What was the score in Ireland’s highest draw and who was the opposition ?
What is the highest number of goals scored by one Irish player in one international match ?
Who scored the quickest goal for the Republic of Ireland ?
Who scored an away goal for Ireland on his club home ground ?
Who scored most goals for most Irish soccer managers ?
Who scored the first goal for Ireland ?
Who is the all time record goal scorer for the Republic of Ireland ?
Who has the best goal-to-game ratio for Ireland of all time ?
Who has scored the most Irish goals in one match ?
Who has the most Republic of Ireland caps ?
What is the age of the youngest player to win a cap for the Republic of Ireland team ?
What was the composition of the first Irish soccer team ?
Who was the oldest player to win a cap for Ireland ?
What is the longest gap between first and second cap ?
Which international soccer team has Ireland played most often?
Who scored the quickest goal by an Republic of Ireland substitute ?
Who is the last Scottish player to score against England ?
Which goalkeepers have captained Ireland ?
Is it true the German away strip is green because Ireland played them first after WW II ?
Who was the first Irish player sent off ?
Who came on as a substitute for his brother in Republic of Ireland match ?
How many sets of brothers have represented the Irish soccer team ?
What is the longest unbeaten run by the Irish soccer team ?
What is the longest run of matches without a win by the Republic of Ireland ?
What is the biggest loss by the Irish soccer team ?
What is the biggest win by the Republic of Ireland ?
How many sets of fathers and sons have represented the Irish soccer team ?
When did the Irish national soccer team become known as the Republic of Ireland ?
Republic of Ireland red card information
How many Irish players have played for another international team ?

There are plenty more such soccer facts and statistics but if you have any gems that you think should be included or if you have any corrections please contact Soccer Ireland today.

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