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Irish Soccer Goal Facts and Statistics

The following are some interesting statistics, facts and information about the Republic of Ireland soccer team and Irish football in general.

Quickest Irish International Goal

The fastest goal ever scored at international level for Ireland was scored by Paddy Bradshaw after just 20 seconds in a 4-0 win over Switzerland at Dalymount Park in September 1938. Bradshaw of St James Gate, who was making his debut for Ireland, went on to score a second goal after 20 minutes. Paddy Bradshaw played for Ireland just five times scoring four goals which is an 80% strike rate.

Home Away from Home Goal for Ireland

Ireland played England on 21 September 1949 at Goodison Park, Everton’s home ground. On the occasion of this famous Irish victory over the old enemy, England, Peter Farrell lobbed the English keeper with five minutes to go. This gave the Irish an unassailable 0-2 lead. What is interesting, and perhaps is unique, about Peter

Farrell’s goal is that it is the only known goal scored by an international player in an away match on his own club home ground. It was also the first time that England had ever been beaten by a ‘foreign’ team on English soil.

Irish Player that Scored Goals for Most Irish Soccer Managers

Until the Giovanni Trapattoni’s reign as Republic of Ireland manager three Irish internationals held the record for having scored goals for four different managers of the Irish national team. Don Givens had scored goals for Mick Meagan, Liam Tuohy, John Giles and Alan Kelly Snr (caretaker manager). Gerry Daly had scored for Johnny Giles, Alan Kelly Snr. (caretaker manager), Eoin Hand and Jack Charlton.

When Robbie Keane scored in the third minute against Columbia on 29 May 2008 he then had the outright record of scoring for most Republic of Ireland soccer managers in his own right. Keane has now scored for Mick McCarthy, Brian Kerr, Stephen Staunton, Don Givens (caretaker manager), Giovanni Trapattoni Noel King (caretaker manager), and Martin O’Neill.

Goals Scored in Consecutive Appearances

The record for goals scored for Ireland in consecutive matches is held by Jimmy Dunne (‘Snowy’ Dunne). He scored in five consecutive appearances for Ireland scoring his first and second goal on his Irish soccer international debut match against Belgium on 11 May 1930.

He didn’t appear in the green of Ireland again until 17 March 1936 where upon he took up where he left off by scoring the winner in a 1-0 win over Switzerland. He went on to score in each of his next three appearances racking up five goals along the way.

The player with the record for scoring in consecutive Republic of Ireland soccer matches is Fionan Fagan (‘Paddy’ Fagan). He scored in each of the four matches that Ireland played from May to November in 1960.

They were four friendlies against West Germany, Sweden, Wales and Norway. Fagan scored once in each match except for the Wales match when he scored two goals. Fionan Fagan only played eight matches for Ireland and his five goals give him a strike rate or goal-to-game ratio of 62.5%.

Hat-trick Debut for Republic of Ireland

A number of players have scored on their international debuts for the Republic of Ireland but only one has scored a hat-trick. David Kelly, who qualified to play for Ireland via the Granny Rule, scored nine goals in 26 appearances for Ireland and he scored 3 (or 33%) of them in his first appearance for his country. On 10 November 1987 Ireland played Israel in a friendly soccer match at Dalymount Park. Kelly, of Walsall, scored his first goal for Ireland after 41 minutes in his debut match. He added a second eleven minutes into the second half. Kelly completed his hat-trick in the 72nd minute with a penalty to create Irish soccer history.

There are plenty more such soccer facts and statistics but if you have any gems that you think should be included or if you have any corrections please contact Soccer Ireland today.

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