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Republic of Ireland Senior Football Team Results 2005 to 2009

Despite a promising start to the 2006 Soccer World Cup qualifying campaign, particularly good results such as away draws with Switzerland and France, the wheels began to come off with two relatively poor results home and away against Israel.

In both matches Ireland appeared to have the advantage yet could not deliver the killer blow and surrendering the lead in each match. To compound that Brian Kerr’s Ireland could not capitalise on the achievements away from home when France snatched a 0-1 win at Lansdowne Road (now the Aviva Stadium) and Switzerland came away with a draw.

The result was that Ireland finished in a disastrous fourth place, a point behind Israel. In a somewhat cringe-inducing appearance on RTE’s Late Late Show with Pat Kenny, Brian Kerr appealed to the public to support his view that the FAI should renew his contract as Republic of Ireland football manager. Unfortunately for Brian Kerr his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Steve Staunton Appointed Republic of Ireland Manager

In a bolt out of the blue the FAI appointed record Irish cap holder Stephen Staunton as the Irish national team manager in January 2006. The FAI also appointed former England manager, Bobby Robson, to Staunton’s backroom staff in an attempt to shore up his lack of experience. Irish soccer supporters and football pundits were extremely sceptical due to Staunton’s absolute lack of managerial experience. Regardless of what fans and experts thought at the time it would be results on the soccer pitch that would matter most

After a creditable away loss to the mighty Germans – the result 1-0 – in the Euro 2008 qualifiers things went really wrong for the young Irish manager when Ireland lost 5-2 in Nicosia to Cyprus. Following this shambles of a performance the writing was on the wall for Stephen Staunton. It would have taken some almost miraculous performances from the Irish team to have saved his position as Irish soccer team manager.

The FAI did not wait for the end of the qualifying campaign to terminate Staunton’s appointment. In October 2007 Stephen Staunton was dismissed from his role as Republic of Ireland manager. It was the shortest reign of a full time Irish soccer manager in the modern football era.

Giovanni Trapattoni Appointed Republic of Ireland Manager

In a dramatic swing from the ridiculous to the sublime the FAI went from the appointment of a manager with no experience, to the appointment of the vastly experienced and successful Italian Giovanni Trapattoni. With the financial support of Irish businessman Denis O’Brien the FAI were in a position to make this hugely popular appointment.

Trapattoni appointed ex-Italian international Marco Tardelli and ex-Irish international Liam Brady as assistant managers. Giovanni Trapattoni made a steady if unspectacular start to his career as manager of the Republic of Ireland soccer team.

Republic of Ireland Match Results 2005 to 2009 (inclusive)

Home Team
Away Team Date & Venue Competition
1:0 (1:0)
Portugal 09/02/2005 Dublin Friendly Match
1:1 (0:1)
Ireland 26/03/2005 Tel Aviv 2006 World Cup Qualifier
1:0 (0:0)
China PR 29/03/2005 Dublin Friendly Match
2:2 (2:2)
Israel 04/06/2005 Dublin 2006 World Cup Qualifier
Faroe Islands
0:2 (0:0)
Ireland 08/06/2005 Torshavn 2006 World Cup Qualifier
1:2 (1:2)
Italy 17/08/2005 Dublin Friendly Match
0:1 (0:0)
France 07/09/2005 Dublin 2006 World Cup Qualifier
0:1 (0:1)
Ireland 08/10/2005 Nicosia 2006 World Cup Qualifier
0:0 (0:0)
Switzerland 12/10/2005 Dublin 2006 World Cup Qualifier
3:0 (1:0)
Sweden 01/03/2006 Dublin Friendly Match
0:1 (0:0)
Chile 24/05/2006 Dublin Friendly Match
0:4 (0:2)
Netherlands 16/08/2006 Dublin Friendly Match
1:0 (0:0)
Ireland 02/09/2006 Stuttgart 2008 Euro Qualifier
5:2 (2:2)
Ireland 07/10/2006 Nicosia 2008 Euro Qualifier
1:1 (0:0)
Czech Republic 11/10/2006 2008 Euro Qualifier
5:0 (3:0)
San Marino 15/11/2006 Dublin 2008 Euro Qualifier
San Marino
1:2 (0:0)
Ireland 07/02/2007 Serravalle 2008 Euro Qualifier
1:0 (1:0)
Ireland 24/03/2007 Dublin 2008 Euro Qualifier
1:0 (1:0)
Slovakia 28/03/2007 Dublin 2008 Euro Qualifier
1:1 (1:1)
Ireland 23/05/2007 New York Friendly Match
1:1 (1:1)
Bolivia 26/05/2007 Boston Friendly Match
0:4 (0:2)
Ireland 22/08/2007 Aarhus Friendly Match
2:2 (1:1)
Ireland 08/09/2007 Bratislava 2008 Euro Qualifier
Czech Republic
1:0 (1:0)
Ireland 12/09/2007 Prague 2008 Euro Qualifier
0:0 (0:0)
Germany 13/10/2007 Dublin 2008 Euro Qualifier
1:1 (0:0)
Cyprus 17/10/2007 Dublin 2008 Euro Qualifier
2:2 (1:1)
Ireland 17/11/2007 Cardiff 2008 Euro Qualifier
0:1 (0:0)
Brazil 06/02/2008 Dublin Friendly Match
1:1 (0:0)
Serbia 24/05/2008 Dublin Friendly Match
1:0 (1:0)
Colombia 29/05/2008 London Friendly Match
1:1 (0:1)
Ireland 20/08/2008 Oslo Friendly Match
1:2 (0:1)
Ireland 06/09/2008 Mainz 2010 World Cup Qualifier
0:0 (0:0)
Ireland 10/09/2008 Podgorica 2010 World Cup Qualifier
1:0 (1:0)
Cyprus 15/10/2008 Dublin 2010 World Cup Qualifier
2:3 (0:1)
Poland 19/11/2008 Dublin Friendly Match
2:1 (0:1)
Georgia 11/02/2009 Dublin 2010 World Cup Qualifier
1:1 (1:0)
Bulgaria 28/03/2009 Dublin 2010 World Cup Qualifier
1:1 (1:0)
Italy 01/04/2009 Bari 2010 World Cup Qualifier
1:1 (1:1)
Nigeria 29/05/2009 London Friendly Match
1:1 (1:1)
Ireland 06/06/2009 Sofia 2010 World Cup Qualifier
0:3 (0:2)
Australia 12/08/2009 Limerick Friendly Match
1:2 (1:1)
Ireland 05/09/2009 Nicosia 2010 World Cup Qualifier
1:0 (1:0)
South Africa 08/09/2009 Limerick Friendly Match
1:1 (2:2)
Italy 10/10/2009 Dublin 2010 World Cup Qualifier
0:0 (0:0)
Montenegro 14/10/2009 Dublin 2010 World Cup Qualifier
0:1 (0:0)
France 14/11/2009 Dublin 2010 World Cup Play-off
1:1 (0:1)
Ireland 18/10/2009 Paris 2010 World Cup Play-off

Scores in parentheses are half-time scores

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